3pcs Shaver Head for Philips HQ6 HQ662 HQ664 HQ665 HQ686 HQ642 HQ6894 HQ6893 HQ6890 HQ6889 HQ6888 HQ6885 HQ6870 HQ6865 HQ6851

2 295kr 2 579kr

  • Pakki Stærð: 10cm x 10cm x 3cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 1.18in)
  • Eining Tegund: mikið (3 stykki/mikið)
  • Pakki Þyngd: 0.05kg (0.11lb.)

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Description: • Brand new • Condition: Brand new 100% • Product Name: Shaver head replacement (Cutter + Comb) • Without package • Easy to install • clean the razor before installing • Please make sure well your razor model Compatible with

HQ686 HQ6894 HQ6893 HQ6890

HQ6889 HQ6888 HQ6885 HQ6870

HQ6865 HQ6851 HQ6850 HQ6846

HQ6845 HQ6830 HQ6825 HQ6465

HQ6425 HQ6867 HQ6848 HQ6827

HQ6426 HQ6756 HQ6740 HQ6736 HQ6705 HQ7617 HQ7615 HQ7415

HQ7817 HQ7815 HQ7816 HQ7870

HQ7868 HQ7850 HQ7845 HQ7830

HQ7825 HQ6894 HQ6893 HQ6890

HQ6889 HQ6888 HQ6885 HQ6871

HQ6870 HQ6867 HQ6865 HQ6852 HQ6851 HQ6850 HQ6848 HQ6847 HQ6846 HQ6845 HQ6832 HQ6830 HQ6827 HQ6825 HQ6756 HQ6740 HQ6736 HQ6705 HQ682 HQ6867 HQ6466 HQ6465 HQ6426 HQ6425 HQ642

3 x Shaver head (Comb + Cutter)

Three more affordable

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  • Vörumerki: RONSIT
  • Líkan Fjölda: HQ6
  • Persónulega Annast Tæki Af Tegund: Rafmagns Shavers

Merkimiðar: shaver höfuð, höfuð fyrir shaver, philips shaver höfuð, Ódýr shaver höfuð, Hágæða höfuð fyrir shaver, Kína philips shaver höfuð Birgja.

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