Frjáls Skipum 10 TÖLVUR MR117ZZ ABEC-5 7X11X3 mm Djúpt groove kúlulegur MR117 / L-1170 ZZ

798kr 839kr

  • Eining Tegund: mikið (10 stykki/mikið)
  • Pakki Þyngd: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Pakki Stærð: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)

Velkomin til okkar 10 tölvur MR117ZZ 7*11*3 mm Boltinn Bera

Tegund: Djúpt Groove Boltanum Bera

Lokun: 2 Seli

Smurningu: Sjálf Smurður (Feiti)

Mál: 7 x 11x 3 mm

Magn: 10 Legur

  • Uppbyggingu: Djúpt groove kúlulegur
  • Yfirborð Grófleika: Ra 0.8
  • Pad: Stál
  • Efni: Stál
  • Lengd: 7*11*3mm
  • Líkan Fjölda: MR117ZZ
  • Tog Getu: Djúpt groove kúlulegur

Merkimiðar: zz stúlka, zz drengurinn, zz legur, Ódýr zz stúlka, Hágæða zz drengurinn, Kína zz legur Birgja.

Kietlon Kietlon2000
They are not ABEC-5 quality, They are totally inferior. They don't match the description. They are different from the photographs of the web page. The quality is very very terrible!!! These bearings are not easy to spin and some bearings were damaged. Bearings does not move really smooth, I needed to clean them with some alcohol, cause it was covered with some sticky matters like very thick lubricant grease. The covers are detached from the body with 4 of 10 bearings .Much damaged bearings are contaminated with dust, they are totally useless!!

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